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Zscribe is a revolutionary way to manage your data and produce reports all on line. Managing your data is a snap. Add, delete, and search through your sales the same way you surf the web. Share your online database with those affiliated with you while protecting the same data from others. Most importantly use that data to generate a report with all the variables, charts, and verbage filled in for you (MS Word 97 format). You don't really like pasting those Excel charts in that much do you? Check out our 'Info' link for more information.

Zscribe was designed using some of the latest technology including Microsoft Active Server Pages and builds Word 97 documents and Excel 97 workbooks. Translation: YOU NEED MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER 5.0 OR LATER TO USE ZSCRIBE. Download it by pushing the button to the right: Internet Explorer

August 7, 2000 I completed two things this weekend. The first is the cost approach which allows you to store construction cost comparables, land sales, etc. Go and have a look at it. Note that cost approach is also the first program that allows you to choose if you want to have the pictures in the addenda or above the comparable. I also completed instructions for the Sales Comparison program. Look at them under "Instructions". The goal for this week is to get instructions for Cost Approach and Advanced Sales Comparison up and running. I'll also give you the option to have space for your pictures above the Sale Writeup like in the new Cost Approach program.
July 13, 2000 Easily the most enjoyable portion of the exhibit was the discussions we had with other appraisers on issues relating to the appraisal industry. We've decided to start a new monthly Commentary section of the site. This month's commentary (thru August) is from the distinguished Aaron Brown in Oregon. Aaron just happens to be myself (the Developer of Zscribe). Who else did you expect me to get on such short notice? This commentary is on: The extinction of the fee appraiser??? If you want to submit a guest commentary for next month email me at
July 13, 2000 Thank You to all of you who visited us at our Valuation 2000 booth. Some liked us, some hated us, but most tried to avoid us!!!!!

Discussions with you at the exhibit hall have given us the following goals:

1) Keep It Simple Stupid: The number one complaint at our booth of other comparable products was that they were TOO COMPLICATED. We will work at keeping our programs as simple as possible.

2) More sections of the report: You really want a program that helps you writes the whole report not just one section. We are working on it. Cost Approach is about 90% done. Please send us your templates!! We will try to make a blend of templates we receive so that you have all the information you want in your Zscribe output.

3) Local Backup: You like the idea of an online database and you also like that we backup the database every evening. You don't, however, like the thought of Zscribe going out of business and losing all of your hard earned data. The answer?? Allow users to export their data to a Microsoft Access file which can be sent to them monthly. We will have that feature available soon.

4) Pictures in the Addenda or in the above the sale writup????: The current sales analysis assumes the picture is in the addenda. Some of you like it right above the sales write up. The answer is to give users who want it in the Sales Writeup a box to paste their picture in. This feature will also be available soon.

5) Speaking of pictures: You want Zscribe to manage your picture files for you and put the pictures directly in the Word 97 output. That is our goal as well. We will get there.

A picture of our Valuation 2000 booth below. Should have taken the picture at the beginning of the show when we were fresh.