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Our first product, Sales Analysis, produces a word document that contains analysis by improvement square footage, effective gross income multiplier, and a unit of comparison of your choice. The final document is available for download at the end of the run and is in Word 97 format. Naturally no automated document could totally replace an appraiser's analysis. The document provides a strong base (with all of the appraiser's conclusions and adjustments already in place) for the appraiser to start adding their own comments. An example run is available for download here. (right mouse click the link and choose 'Save Target')

Before you do anything you need to have MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER 5.0 OR LATER TO USE ZSCRIBE. Download it by pushing the button to the right: Internet Explorer

Instructions on each of step of running a sales analysis are available below

NOTE: We have upgraded since these instructions were written. We will write a new set soon. The best way to get started with Zscribe is to request a tutorial (see tutorial link on main page).

Getting Started

Managing Your Account (Not working yet. You Don't Need it at this time since it's free!!!)

Sales Run

Cost Run (Coming Soon)

Advanced Sales Run (Coming Soon)